Thursday, January 24, 2008

This post is dedicated to Mr. Atwood

This first post goes to Jeff Atwood. Without his recent speaking engagement in Montreal at CUSEC and the PowerPoint presentation he offered from that engagement, I probably would have continued down my road of just reading everyone else's blogs and never contributing any thoughts of my own except for a few comments here and there.

Well, no more. I do have something to say. I do have something to contribute. So contribute I will.

For those who will read this post, I hope I have somehow sparked an interest even though I haven't posted anything but my initial intent. I don't expect much from this blog, but if I can help someone else achieve a goal, then I have done a good job. And if I don't help someone, I hope I entertain you.

UPDATE: The preceding posts were imported from a previous blog I had. I decided to just consolidate and make this all one happy blog...

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